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New Geotargeting Feature for Yahoo Search Marketing

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Since this feature was revealed on October 20, it’s old news to some, but I wanted to point out how useful the zip code targeting will be to many marketers, especially those who do lead generation.

One of the big challenges that lead gen providers face is generating or capturing leads within a finite region.  Often the leads they accept from aggregators must meet rigid requirements, often with age requirements, education requirements, as well as being from a specific zip code or set of zip codes.

With this new feature, Yahoo! is giving advertisers the opportunity to target to these very specific requirements to ensure that high qualified leads are being generated from PPC.  This will definitely help marketers with focusing budgets effectively and delivering higher quality results.

On the flipside, with higher quality results, the cost per click on competitive terms can become inflated quickly.  That will put the responsibility on marketers to create high quality landing pages that have the best chance to convert visitors at a high rate (this could be foreshadowing of a future post… you never know).

It’ll be very interesting to see if Google implements this feature as well.  While the Adwords geotargeting is much more flexible, there still isn’t a function that allows you to define the area by zip.


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October 23, 2008 at 6:17 pm

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