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Google Search-based Keyword Tool

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This is a neat feature for when you are doing keyword research on Google.  It really works well for both PPC and SEO.

First impressions of the starting point may be that you’ve seen all of this before.  Mostly likely, you have seen all the kinds of data in different places before, but now Google is putting it all in one convenient spot for you to research keywords down to a very detailed level.  I used one of my favorite record labels (Sub Pop) as well as one of my favorite topics (music) as an example.


 At this point, you may be telling yourself, "big deal."

After you enter in the URL you are researching along with selected keywords, you reach a screen that shows suggested keywords, monthly searches, advertiser competition, and the suggested bid.  Again, nothing real groundbreaking or different from the other External tool that Google offers.  Note that you can see how keywords perform in specific categories as well.  Now, click on the magnifying glass next to one of the keyword suggestions.


Google Search-Based Keyword Tool Step 2


Here’s where it gets really exciting.  When you drill down into the keyword detail, you get a page that shows you the geographic locations searches are coming from, current trending, and much more.  You can drill down into a region to see exactly what cities are generating searches.  You can also look at various date ranges and add other terms for comparison.  There are some more numbers and features available if you log in to your Google account.  I suggest logging in and checking it out for yourself.  😀

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool Step 3

Most free tools are just about what you would expect.  You have to go to several different spots to compile sufficient data to make a client proposal or devise a strategy for your ad campaign.  Google has managed to provide so much of that for free.  Having been in the search engine marketing business since 2000, it’s exciting to see the level of detail now available in this area.  In the early days, you’d just pick a bunch of keywords and bid on them using some archaic tracking methods that involved a lot of spreadsheet, blood, sweat, and tears to pull everything together to make informed decisions.  Now, all this information is easily available, even free in so many cases. 

Google, I’m tipping my hat to you.  This time.  Don’t get cocky.


Written by rogersikes

November 20, 2008 at 8:12 pm

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