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Google unleased their SearchWiki upon the world yesterday (but seriously, does the Average Joe really know much about it yet?).  In a nutshell, SearchWiki allows a user to customize search results.  How, you may ask?  Well, you can move results up or down in the rankings, and you can also add results if you are not seeing a site that you use frequently.

A user can also make notes about any listing or remove a listing from the results page altogether.

In the video below, you’ll hear emphasis that this doesn’t affect search results for users who are not logged in, or when a user who is logged opts to view the non-custom results.

They say that now…  but you have to wonder at what point these will start factoring into the algorithms.  My instinct tells me that we’ll see some influence on it once Google figures out how to combat any potential black hat tactics.

Here’s the Google propaganda video:

This is a grand example of why SEOs must stay well informed of trends and think about how new changes can affect your approach to keeping a site visible.


Written by rogersikes

November 21, 2008 at 5:14 pm

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