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Lately, you might have noticed that the world is all abuzz about Twitter, the latest tool for stalking celebrities, friends, and really whoever might leave themselves open to the public (yours truly included). It’s hard to find something more effective than word of mouth advertising out there, both in terms of cost and building your reputation. Twitter is a prime tool for building a buzz and even a community online. Dell has even boasted that you can achieve a nice little boost in sales from such a tool by using it effectively. (Keep in mind that $1 million is a very small percentage of overall sales for Dell)

So is Twitter worth it? Right now, it’s best used as a tool for measuring your brand’s reputation and identifying customer service opportunities. You can always create an account to tweet updates about sales, company news, and other things relative to your company or product, but don’t expect a huge influx of revenue. Keep your expectations realistic, and use it as another touch point for customers.

The same goes with other forms of social media. The key is that right now, you can utilize social media for cheap (virtually free, save for the time and any special creative you might want). Tie your messaging into current promos, and help strengthen your brand this way.

It’s going to be interesting to look back in about six months and see if this sudden groundswell for Twitter actually lasts. Personally, I think Twitter will continue to have loyal users, but fall back into the pack as Facebook and other services that offer a Twitter-like feature continue to develop tools and features that Twitter will be hard-pressed to include.


Written by rogersikes

March 20, 2009 at 7:13 pm

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