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Testing PPC is Good

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MarketingSherpa has some tips on researching and determining a budget for new PPC clients (or existing, if you are re-evaluating the existing budget). It’s pretty informative and just reconfirms what most experienced PPC marketers already know and practice.

The one part in this article that really jumped out at me was creating a 10-15% portion of the budget for testing. This is key in growing business with any client. In quite a few cases, you can get maxed out on spending, and even to the point where optimizations don’t make a significant difference in CPC or anything else to allow you to get more traffic to a client’s site. Adding a test portion to the budget means that you have a little more elbow room to add keywords, change bids, etc. and not affect the base performance of the campaign. I really like this idea. Testing is good. It’s the only way to get a competitive edge. If you create the campaign and change very little moving forward, you can do fine, even great… but you’ll always just be treading water.


Written by rogersikes

April 9, 2009 at 10:42 am

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