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Google’s announcement that they will be dipping a toe into the ISP business awoke the paranoid freak part of my mind once again. Sure, it’s going to be cheap, but what’s the real cost to you as a user?

The more I thought about the last post I made on this blog, the more I think it just comes off like a half baked opinion, so I thought I would highlight how Google uses your online data, including search behavior, etc. First, watch this interview with Eric Schmidt back in December as he makes the “…maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place” comment.

Here’s where he goes into a little more detail:

Okay, so it’s not down to the computer level… UNLESS you are logged in to Google at the time you’re doing the searching, then no IP address is needed (although it still can tell Google where you physically are). And the data is anonymized within 18 months, right?

Not so fast, my friend.

Google Dashboard displays a lot of info about your activity while you’re logged into your Google account – YouTube videos viewed, search history, web history, blogs, documents, and much more. The info gathered that is tied to your account is not anonymized – as this report states, it shows the history for the past 4 years! The CNN report below is quite the eye opener if you weren’t sure about exactly what Google knows about you.

If you want to disable Google from tracking your account in this manner, you can go to your Google Dashboard and follow the instructions on how to disable the history.

Do you really want all those breadcrumbs for hackers to determine where you shop, gain access to personal info, and more? The recent cyber attack on Google from China are a reminder that the bigger you are, the bigger the target you become.

This video of Rachel Maddow discussing these issues with Eric Schmidt is also very interesting:

From that interview, it’s better to not think about what Eric Schmidt is saying, but what he isn’t saying. More food for thought as we think about exactly what Google knows, and just how powerful they could become.


Written by rogersikes

February 10, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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