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Social Media Tip: Know When To Say It

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Just a quick hitter after observing some companies and their social media efforts this AM:

When planning out your social media, it’s important to think about when you’re sending out messaging. Take some time to figure out what times of day you get the most attention from your following on Facebook, blog, and Twitter, and try to base your timing upon those peak times.

What constitutes activity? Generally, you can do this by observing when you get the most comments, replies, retweets, and anything else that indicates your tweets are being seen. By deploying your most important messaging at these times, you’re ensuring that you are reaching the maximum amount of people possible.

In a lot of ways the timing of your social media parallels your email strategy. The big difference, however is that while your email will sit in the recipient’s inbox and likely be visible after several hours, your tweets and Facebook messages can get buried and be pushed out of visibility within hours or even minutes. It’s important to get in front of people’s eyes when they are active and looking for information.

Let’s say that your peak times for social media come at 5am in the morning for you, and you’re simply unable (or unwilling… we’re talking about sleep!), how can you make sure these messages get out on time? Fortunately, there’s a million tools out there to schedule tweets, Facebook messages, and blog posting. I recommend using Hootsuite. You can schedule Facebook, Twitter, and blog messaging within their interface. WordPress also has a scheduling feature if you’d like to use it. That way, you can be soundly asleep as your tweets happen. Just don’t forget to follow up and respond to any replies or comments you might get!

Increase your effectiveness. It’s one thing to have a social presence, but it’s another to make sure your strategy is built around reaching the maximum number of potential leads and customers possible by targeting peak times.

So, there you go.


Written by rogersikes

February 17, 2010 at 10:09 am

Posted in social media

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