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Hiding the Trolls

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One of the most frightening things about reading any article posted on a website are the inevitable comments that you will reach at the bottom. Among the items you will see: a few smart comments, a lot of ignorance, and several trolls looking to incite a web war. There’s something about the allure or being anonymous that empowers some people to post things that they would never say to anyone’s face in public, and to be completely honest, it causes me to question the future of mankind… Perhaps Mike Judge wasn’t too far off with his movie Idiocracy:

Kings of Leon recently cut their show in St. Louis short due to a… well… a shitty situation. While reading the statement made by one of the opening bands, The Postelles, I noticed that instead of putting the comments and their inevitable trolls and flamebait at the bottom, they have a separate tab for ‘Discussion.’

When you navigate to the Discussion tab, you will see the comments along with some rules that are tacked on at the bottom.  I love the rules – they can help diffuse those wars that sometimes rage on in comments.

My only suggestion would be that these rules be visible either on the right side of the page or somehow make them fit at the top without pushing the first few comments below the fold.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.  This method might be something to consider if you don’t want to force people to register on your site just to leave a comment.


Written by rogersikes

July 27, 2010 at 1:40 pm

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