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Facebook Auto-Sending Friend Requests?

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While setting up a new Facebook account to test out some Facebook apps, a coworker noticed that he had a Friend Request (not a People You May Know suggestion) from his personal account, along with a number of requests from other people.  Clicking ‘confirm’ automatically added him as a friend to his personal account, even though he had never sent a request in the first place.  Has anyone else had some new friends pop into their list without your knowledge?  I tested this out by setting up a new account, and had one friend request show up in that manner (screenshot below), and it was not from my personal account.

Let me know if you have knowledge of this and what causes it to happen.  I’ve found a few things about people maybe experiencing the same thing, but no official word from Facebook.

Facebook is now automatically sending Friend Requests?


Written by rogersikes

July 20, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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