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Happy Holidays!

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It’s been quite a while since I made a post, but I want to assure you that I’m doing well, and have plans to post much more often next year. 😀

Speaking of next year, we’re in the mire of a weakening economy and are face with a lot of uncertainty when it comes to how to spend your marketing dollars, and how to do so on a tight budget. Below are my thoughts and suggestions on how to maximize your advertising efforts.

1. For starters, don’t give up advertising on “traditional” channels (tv, radio, newspaper, yellow pages, direct mail). All of these things provide a stimulus that either drives a direct response, or prompts further research online.

2. Use PPC to ensure you appear on words that tie into your traditional ad campaigns. While it might not be in your budget to do a huge campaign with thousands of keywords, make sure you are present on any and all keywords that tie into your product, business name, and possibly your commercials.

3. Don’t forget about SEO. The key to long term success in the search game is making sure that your site is well optimized and is visible across all search channels. If you have rich media resources, such as video, etc., make sure it’s available on Youtube and other video sites.

4. Create a community for your customers. Use your email newsletter to inform them of ways to save money and do things more efficiently. Establish your brand as a resource and show that you recognize how things are in this day and age when it comes to managing a tight budget.

5. As with any type of ad campaign, create well-defined goals. What are you looking to accomplish with any of these activities? Put a number to it. Measure it. Make sure you know how effectively your dollars are being spent.

There’s a lot of uncertainty as we move ahead in this recession, but the key thing to remember is that marketing is key during times like these. If you set goals, you will be able to see just how effectively your budget is being spent, and maximize your ad spend.

Happy Holidays to all, and here’s to a great 2009!


Written by rogersikes

December 23, 2008 at 8:46 pm